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VCTC Board of Directors

Kennedy Davis

Executive Director

Wilson Powell


Jim Jacobi


Robert Suberi


Isaac Huddleston

Board Member

Dr. John David Kerr

Associate Professor of Business Administration and World Wide Technology

Professor Jim Craig

Chair of the Military and Veterans Studies Department at the University of Missouri-St. Louis

Gregg Ganschaw

Owner, Path.Finding Group

Layout & Design of VCTC

The Veterans Court Technology Clinic was founded by the mentoring programs of the St. Louis Veterans Drug Court, Veterans for Peace and the Employment Connection. The Employment Connection, at 2838 Market Street, donated the entire second floor of their facility. It was wired by local volunteers and set up to accommodate many functions: classroom, technical lab, and an AA meeting room. Developing computer skills is not the only objective for VCTC. As mentioned on the home page, we also provide a safe environment for those needing the right kind of space to heal.

Operations of VCTC

When a student completes a program he or she gains the momentum needed to push for the next accomplishment. Courses are designed to teach the fundamentals of operating a computer, its software, navigation tools and its electronic components. These courses are executed through business professionals, teachers, mentors and other students.

Keys to Success

The uniqueness of our offering relies on being able to provide free, hands-on instruction from qualified trainers in an environment of security, helpfulness and tolerance. Developing strong and successful partnerships and collaborations with nonprofits that can provide psychological, medical and business services to our participants, and serving them in an environment that fosters self-empowerment. Ensuring that all trainers and mentors have the proper skills and character to be able to not only to relate to the participants and their situations, but also follow the students' progress Working with local veteran-owned businesses to obtain financial support and mentoring internships opportunities for participants. Working with local universities and colleges to obtain the services of student interns.