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The Veterans Court Technology Clinic was founded by the mentoring  programs of the St. Louis Veterans Drug Court, Veterans for Peace and  the Employment Connection. The Employment Connection, at 2838 Market Street, donated the entire second floor of their facility. It was wired  by local volunteers and set up to accommodate many functions: classroom,  technical lab, and an AA meeting room. Developing computer skills is  not the only objective for VCTC. As mentioned on the home page, we also provide a safe environment for those needing the right kind of space to  heal. veterans in St. Louis

Operations of VCTC

When a student completes a program he or she gains the momentum needed  to push for the next accomplishment. Courses are designed to teach the  fundamentals of operating a computer, its software, navigation tools and its electronic components. These courses are executed through business professionals, teachers, mentors and other students.  

Keys to Success

The uniqueness of our offering relies on being able to provide free,  hands-on instruction from qualified trainers in an environment of  security, helpfulness and tolerance. Developing strong and successful partnerships  and collaborations with nonprofits that can provide psychological, medical and business services to our participants, and serving them in  an environment that fosters self-empowerment. Ensuring that all trainers and mentors have the  proper skills and character to be able to not only to relate to the  participants and their situations, but also follow the students' progress. Working with local veteran-owned businesses to  obtain financial support and mentoring internships opportunities for participants. Working with local universities and colleges to  obtain the services of student interns.  

Students receiving complimentary computers at graduation.

Students receiving complimentary computers at graduation.




Executive Director/Co-Founder

Professor Jim Craig


Chair of the Military and Veterans Studies Department University of  Missouri-St. Louis

Isaac Huddleston


 Board Member

Wilson Powell



Generate excitementGregg Ganschaw


Owner, Path.Finding Group

Dr. John David Kerr


Associate Professor of Business Administration and World Wide Technology 

VCTC Class Phases

  The  program rests upon a simple structure of classes. Since our population  is poor and, in many cases, struggling to get back into society, they  find it difficult to schedule regular classes. We have adjusted to their  needs by offering one-on-one tutoring and on-line courses to supplement  their training.


Jarrod Sinclair


The VCTC class has really given me insight on computers and computer literacy. Thanks to Mr.Davis giving me the chance to be a part of the class. I can also say it has given me a place to practice my communication skills. It has been a awesome experience and I look forward to every day to be a part of and be able to give back what I've learned in the process.

Jerome Graham


He came to the computer clinic with little knowledge of the computer, but was determined to succeed. Jerome dedicated himself to the computer clinic and through that dedication he was able to grasp the basic concepts and excell. Jerome completed the program and went on to further his studies at Forest Park Community College majoring in Human Services.

Jessie Simpson


I want to thank you Mr. Davis for being instrumental in helping further my education due to the computer class you are providing for people just like me who feel they are incapable of learning the basics due to fear and uncertainty. I was delighted to pursue my dream and even though I did not complete my associates degree I still after 25 years of not attending school found enjoyment in it due to your class. Thank you very much.

Vic Alexander


Since I enrolled in this computer class,I learned to how to complete a resume. Also how to email other people and how to log on and set an Account with a web site so easy that I never knew how before. I think that this is a worthy and helpful program .I can vouch for Mr. Davis and I would strongly recommend this very, very, helpful program.

Steve Broward


Steve is one of our earliest students, coming to us after having spent 29 years in prison. His skills were non-existent. It took several months, but Steve finally became comfortable with computers. He landed a good job with a sub-contractor to Proctor & Gamble where he eventually became a supervisor.

Kathryn Mantia


She came to the VCCC with exceptional computer skills. She was rewarded with a position as an assistant. In this position she executed her knowledge with expertise, teaching others the basic skills needed to operate a computer effectively.


Lisa Shelley

United Way Poster Person Lisa Shelley is Early VCTC Grad


I am writing you to let you know my testimonial working with Kennedy Davis in the Veterans Computer program. I met Kennedy when he came to the Jefferson Barracks Domiciliary where I was living because I was homeless. He was signing people up for computer training to help the guys fill out their job resumes.  I needed help with spreadsheets on Excel. He told us to meet him at Employment Connection. We went that following Monday. It took me 3 weeks to learn how to make slides on PowerPoint and also spreadsheets on Excel. I enrolled in the Community College at Florissant Valley and I needed a computer. Kennedy provided me with a refurbished laptop . I was able to get my AAS in Deaf Communications. I would tell any Veteran to get in this program to learn basic computer skills.  


"And we now have three regional treatment courts serving the unique needs of our military veterans. One success story is Kennedy Davis, who served in the Army in the 1980s and who, a decade later, fell into drug and alcohol abuse, leading to multiple arrests. Kennedy graduated from the St. Louis veterans treatment court in September, 2012 and now coordinates a computer clinic to help others in that program learn basic computer skills. The treatment court was his key to freedom from addiction and crime. Let’s salute Kennedy, who is here with us today."


On September the 5 the VCTC opened up a new classroom at the Southside Wellness Center to teach Basic Computer Skills 








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U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs

St. Louis City Dept. of Human Services

St. Louis Veterans Drug Court - Commissioners James E. Sullivan and Matt Melton

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 VCTC has collaborated with the AARP (Gary Woods) to present  the (CT4S)  program to teach basic computer skills to seniors in the SCEP Program