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Layout & Design of VCTC

The Veterans Court Technology Clinic was founded by the mentoring  programs of the St. Louis Veterans Drug Court, Veterans for Peace and  the Employment Connection. The Employment Connection, at 2838 Market Street, donated the entire second floor of their facility. It was wired  by local volunteers and set up to accommodate many functions: classroom,  technical lab, and an AA meeting room. Developing computer skills is  not the only objective for VCTC. As mentioned on the home page, we also provide a safe environment for those needing the right kind of space to  heal. veterans in St. Louis

Operations of VCTC

When a student completes a program he or she gains the momentum needed  to push for the next accomplishment. Courses are designed to teach the  fundamentals of operating a computer, its software, navigation tools and its electronic components. These courses are executed through business professionals, teachers, mentors and other students.  


 The V.C.T.C. operates primarily through private donations from our donors. We are also able to raise money from donations of computers and laptops and from services provided such as computer repairs and upgrades, installation of security systems, and any of YOUR I.T needs!!!
To date we have partnered with a few different organizations that enable us to provide a very unique service to the community. 

  • Employment Connection- Provides the facility for the V.C.T.C. complete with a classroom, boardroom, and a computer-lab! Where would we be without you? 
  • Sense Corp -Over 100 laptops and have been donated to The V.C.T.C  totaling over $10,000.00 in the last 3 years. Thank You Sense Corp!
  • AARP- Our partnership with Program Director Gary Woods has enabled us to provide computer classes for seniors re-entering the workforce since 2016. Since adding computer training into the S.C.E.P program graduation rates has achieved exponential growth.
  • OML- Partnership with Mr. David Lee providing instructional training for A+ certification program.

Help Our Cause

 Hello! We are reaching out to you for help. We are the V.C.T.C. and we have been providing educational courses in computer literacy for seniors and veterans for over 7 years now. We are operating as a non for profit thanks to our founders Woody Powell and Kennedy Davis.
The Vctc is a unique organization with a brand name of making impacts in the people's lives that come to the Clinic starting when Mr. Woody Powell started mentoring Kennedy Davis. We are proud to say that we have given away over 300 laptops and computers in total to the class graduates who are now confident and competent enough to perform online job searches and find new employment opportunities. There are also dozens if not hundreds of volunteers that came into the clinic found a new opportunity in areas of educational instruction and business administration. Those people were able to perform new tasks making them very competitive in the job market leaving the clinic with a temporary vacancy that was often times filled the next business day. At times the clinic has provided housing for a few volunteers. Those individuals were able to ascend to the executive level of business and their lives were transformed in ways unforeseen and unexpected by anyone except the president who dreamed of the computer clinic and made it all possible. Now we understand how much impact the VCTC can have on our clients if we are able to house them and train them. We are wanting to purchase an old school perform the necessary repairs and open up the Woody Powell Veterans building. The house will serve as a veterans transitional housing with a goal of housing 100 veterans. The house will boast computer workshop offering training beyond the basics of computer literacy and go in to the A+ field of computers. The Woody Powell building will have a full size commercial kitchen and there will be many opportunities for the residents. We are requesting $14,000.00 for the purchase of the building and for materials and repair of the said building. The VCTC has truly transformed my life and given me a new purpose in life. The change I have experience within the VCTC has been life changing and if we can reach our goals we can duplicate and replicate my success hundreds of times over for years to come. Please share this video with everyone in your personal and professional network and remember no donation is too small. To our donors that are able to donate $1,000.00 or more we will put your name on a plague and you will become a part history. 

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 VCTC has collaborated with the AARP (Gary Woods) to present  the (CT4S)  program to teach basic computer skills to seniors in the SCEP Program . It has been a 3 year effort so far and our impact has been tremendous. The number of seniors that has been able to renter the job market due to our computer training and the guidance of Mr Woods and team Is in the hundreds. 

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